Food finesse on the River Ness

The Waterfront

The Waterfront

Say nothing til ye hear more… We’ve cracked the code for one of the biggest tourism secrets in Inverness.

Want to know why lunch on the river tastes much better than dinner on the river in Inverness? Thought you would.

Insight research: We sampled the following eateries on the river in June:

The Waterfront (pub)

The Riverside Restaurant

Mustard Seed Restaurant

Riva Restaurant

In each and every case, lunch was a considerably better option than dinner. To understand how or why is to reveal one of the best kept secrets in Inverness. So please, followers, treasure this information and share with your besties only.

Each of the above destinations offers a special lunch menu that is merely a cut-down list of the options available to evening diners. Same food, same restaurant; how can it be better than the identical dishes served at night?

The Riverside

The Riverside

Here’s how. The same menu options can be had for less than half the price of the dinner versions. We kid you not. The average price for a two course lunch at any of the above is UNDER £9.00. Under £9.00, for goodness sake. Night time a la carte is about £20.00 in all four destinations.

That’s a saving of at least £10 in each of these eateries. Reinvested in cinema tickets, live music or a Loch Ness experience, this transforms a good meal out into a great day out for (more or less) the same money. This is an insight to be stored in the “wassup this weekend” shelf of your long term memory or the short-term in-tray for bank holiday treats.

Here’s why. Dinner is a sell-out option at all four of our special venues. But lunch, especially either side of summer, is not quite so popular. Hence the promotional support for a good (value) time during the day. (Admittedly, in summer, it is also wise to book for even a lunch spot, given the rapidly accelerating popularity of these options.)

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed

And, rest assured, the menu options are first class too…

We’d recommend Cullen Skink or Pate with Oatcakes at The Waterfront, followed by Posh Fish & Chips or Venison Burger for a satisfying feed.

The Riverside offers more delicate options including Breaded Scallops or Griddled Haloumi followed by Sea Bass or Med Veg Gnocchi

Mustard Seed counters with Cured Herring or Beef Shin and Potato Croquette with Aged Rump (small surcharge) or Sea Trout to follow.

Lastly, Riva maintains these high standards with (stunning) Wild Boar Pasta or Tricolore Salad starters and (authentic) Italian Pizzas or Seafood Risottos for mains.

Riva Restaurant

Riva Restaurant

Alternatively, entrees can be swapped for desserts in all four cases and we can assure you that the tiramisu in Riva should be considered a necessary option.

No paired back service here either…

All four destinations deliver first class service at lunch or dinner; we know because we tried all the options before penning this review. If anything, service was even better in the more relaxed lunchtime environments.

And all four, including The Waterfront Pub, also offer great wines by the glass and bottle at prices that reflect the value of the accompanying food.

And! All four eateries score four or more stars in tripadvisor reviews

So there you have it. The secret to better tasting food in Inverness is to eat at lunchtime for half the price of dinner! And keep the evening free for more indulgence of a different kind. (Check out Eden Court for cinema, music and drama options every night.)

Contact info:

The Waterfront > 01463 233870

The Riverfront > 01463 714884

Mustard Seed > 01463 220220

Riva > 01463 237377

(Eden Court > 01463 239841)