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Hello! And a hearty welcome to Best of Alba!

We’re new kids on the internet block but we’re old hands at spotting great stuff when we see it. And it occurred to us that there are many mighty fine products and services that are unique to Scotland that too few of us get to hear about.

Enter Best of Alba. We are going to focus exclusively on the very best stuff from Scotland. From boutique black pudding to state of the art cycles to world class hi-fi. Not to mention Scots gin. No, really, Scots gin; Scotland, not London, is now the world capital of gin. That’s cause for celebration in itself! 

So think of us as a Scots ‘Kit Advisor’.

Our Mission

Our mission will be to share the very best, including the best kept secrets, of Scottish produce, products and services. And not just share them; we will actively celebrate them. And if there is some Scottish stuff that isn’t quite good enough (we’re looking at you deep fried mars bars) we will simply exclude them from our home for the very Best of Alba.

As you’ll quickly see, we are starting off small, with only a few brands featuring in our launch pages. But we will grow our “best of” collection. Fast. And we’ll be helped along the way by you, our friends and followers, who are invited to contribute suggestions on a regular basis. So every subscriber to Best of Alba (free, of course!) will be an official Brand Ambassador.

Who Will We Feature?

The rules are simple:

  1. Positive only: as befits a potential “best of”.
  2. Scottish: as in made in, by or for the extended family of Scots and Scottish followers at home and around the world. And lastly,
  3. Different: unique, exclusive, innovative or simply better.

So we will be a strictly positive, enthusiastic champion – there are plenty of other websites that focus as much on the mediocre and poor as on the good. Not us. Not here.  No, we’re called “Best of Alba” for a reason. As our motto states, ever so slightly, impolitely: average is elsewhere.


Who is Behind Best of Alba?

"I can see behind me" - Newtonmore highland games aug 16

"I can see behind me" - Newtonmore highland games aug 16

Best of Alba is a joint passion of two brothers, who want to bring you only the best of what Scotland has to offer.

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Why a Sea Eagle?

The mighty Scottish Sea Eagle that has the best vision of almost any animal on the planet. It has five times better than perfect human eyesight, which mirrors our desire to deliver superior critical vision for followers of!

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